Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrating Earth Day at the Bronx Zoo

April 4–19 & 25–26
Come party for the planet during our month-long celebration. Enjoy eco-friendly games and activities, musical shows and theater, and an Earth Expo showcasing green products & services. Learn tips to live green, and don't miss the wildest event of the year—the WCS Run for the Wild on April 25!
All events located on Astor Court unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Essence: Michelle Obama & Mom

The Chocolate Chip Team is ECSTATIC about the May 2009 Issue of Essence Magazine featuring First Lady Michelle Obama and her mother Marian Robinson! This issue reflects the very heart of our organization.

The issue includes:
The First Lady's thoughts On Raising Smart, Confident Kids and Strong Marriages
Why President Obama is Thankful for His Wife

If you are not a subscriber, you MUST pick up a copy TODAY! Better yet, stimulate the ecomony and purchase a copy for a friend. Not only is the cover beyond BEAUTIFUL, the content is substantive and inspiring.

Kudos to Angela Burt-Murray, Editor-In-Chief, Dawn Baskerville, Executive Editor, Lisa Hunt, Creative Director and Mikki Taylor, Beauty and Cover Director on a job well done!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Casting Call for NYC Families!!!

Hi Chocolate Chip Friends!

FAMILY CASTING Left/Right TV is looking for families! MAYBE EVEN YOURS!
We are looking for a newly blended and/or interracial large family!
We are searching for REAL families dealing with REAL issues: sibling adjustments, financial stresses brought on from the current economy,distribution of labor and any other issues that come up in a modern American home. And we're looking for bright, articulate, dynamic people! Also - in each case, we're looking for some, if not all, of the children being old enough to articulate their experiences (10ish) and with a minimum of four children living in the home.

Here's some more specifics:
1. A newly blended, interracial step family -- i.e. An African-American woman with African American children from a previous marriage, marries a White man with White children from a previous marriage. Kind of like the Brady Bunch - but we're hoping for a union of a year or less and with this racial component to their family story.
2. The same idea, without the racial component! We're looking for a modern Brady Bunch style family -- We know there are many great things about combining families and many challenges, too and we'd love to share all those stories both good and bad with the country at large!
3. A large family with 2 parents of different races. Again, we feel as though there are great stories about the triumphs and challenges of raising a family in Obama's America when there's two people of different races and backgrounds doing the parenting.
We're REALLY excited about this project so hopefully you have some ideas about how to track down the right people? Maybe you can even help us or maybe it's YOU!

Here's a little about Left/Right TV: We're a boutique production company that produces all range of documentary and reality genres -- we've done competition shows (I Wanna Work for Diddy, VH1), Docusoaps (The Salt N Pepa Show & The Agency, VH1; Exiled, MTV), archival documentaries (2 History Channel specials on Lincoln & Einstein), and some tough to categorize wonderful things (This American Life, Showtime; I Pity The Fool with Mr. T,TV Land). And last weekend another of our shows premiered on Style which is a behind the scenes look at Marie Claire magazine called 'RUNNING IN HEELS'. We also have solid working relationships with other networks such as Oxygen,Bravo and A&E.
If you want to submit your family please email them ASAP and tell them that you heard about it from Sandra Philippeaux at 3PX Productions: