Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Fashion for Your Chocolate Chip

Our series featuring my favorite style makers and our salute to "mom"preneurs collide with this special post.  

Chocolate Chip called on Pamela Watson, celebrity stylist and creative director of Brycewear (a children's collection named after her 7 year old son) to give us the run down on what's hot for fall for our kids.

When we reached out to Pamela we envisioned featuring her as a guest blogger, giving her free reign to publish a piece with pics galore of new looks.  When she challenged us to a video shoot, we had to step up our game.

So with camera in hand, off to H&M White Plains we went to shoot our first fall fashion segment.  We enlisted the help of film maker/director, Mia Moody and during post-production blended in the sultry sounds of music producer (and yes Chocolate Chip co-founder) Spencer Bellamy to bring you.....

More with Pamela Watson
Fall Fashion for Your Chocolate Chip

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chocolate Chip Co Founder to Appear on the Nate Show 10/12/10

Tune in to watch Chocolate Chip Co-Founder Jasmine Bellamy on
The Nate Berkus Show on Tuesday October 12, 2010
NBC, 3pm EST (NY Metro)

Click on the link below to check out the preview of the segment

Hair and make up credit: Kiam Barrese, Backstage Beauty and Cosmetix

Friday, October 8, 2010

CJ by Cookie Johnson- Post Event Follow Up

Check out Chocolate Chip Co-Founder, Jasmine Bellamy at Brunch with Bevy in honor of Cookie Johnson at Neiman Marcus Westchester.  The moms were looking fierce and FABULOUS!!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Empowering our Kids...featuring Kadence LLC.

Our kids are under great pressure when they leave our presence. Whether we're protecting them against bullying or navigating the complicated issues of race or just a little teasing, it's critical that we give our children the tools to stand strong against outside influences.  This post is all about EMPOWERMENT

When my daughter was concerned that a classmate would tease her about wearing afro puffs, we armed her with an empowering response "I love my pom poms and they look good on me".  When she lost her 2 front teeth and was concerned about being called snaggle tooth from family and friends, she adopted the rebuttal "I love my smile and I look beautiful".  Its just enough to get her pass an uncomfortable situation while ensuring that she feels good about herself.

Chocolate Chip is pleased to present empowerment coach Karen St. Hilaire of Kadence, LLC.  She inspires us daily with her Kadence Sips, but here is some advice especially for the Chocolate Chip children.

Kadence Empowerment for Kids

Every time your child turns on the television to watch their favorite show, a new impression gets fixed on their brain. These impressions manifest in the area of speech, attitude, manners and even sleep patterns. The average 8-18 year old watches 4.29 hours of television per day. And within that number, 8-10 year olds watch 2.26 hours of television per day. That is an enormous amount of time for your child to be influenced by the media.

As a parent, you empower yourself daily in order to be the best mom/dad that you can be to your child. It is with the same energy that you should encourage your child to be the best ‘me’ that they can be even when you are not next to them. You should not leave empowerment and self love lessons to cartoons and tween shows. They may impress values that may be totally different from yours and you may not be able to undo the wrongs of the matrix.

Teach your children the following:

Self Love

Say your name with authority. At this stage of your life, your name is all that you have going for you. You may be great at basketball, but you will be ‘Marcus’, who is great at basketball.

“The color of my skin is beautiful.” We are all different shades but you were wonderfully made for a specific reason.

“I love the texture of my hair.” Kinky, straight, stringy, short or long. Love your hair and always make sure that you comb it because it’s the crown that you wear every day.

“I love the way my teeth are shaped.” Love your features; love how your face looks, the size of your nose. Love it all. They’re yours.

“I love the way mommy and daddy smile at me.” Mom and dad are your biggest cheerleaders so know that they will cheer for you when you win or lose.

“Mommy and Daddy tell me that they love me just as I am.” They said that I am one of a kind and that means that there is no one else like me.

Teaching your child ‘Self Love’ at an early age will help you during the teen years when peer pressure, media and society become influential. A child with a strong foundation will be ready to lead the world.

Karen St. Hilaire is the founder of Kadence, LLC.a social empowerment practice that encourages young women and men to achieve maximum success in their personal and professional endeavors.