Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who's Ready for Satchmo?

What a fantastic way to jump start your Black History month festivities by introducing your children to Jazz.

Characterized by syncopated rhythms and improvisation, Jazz originated among African Americans in New Orleans over a century ago.

Jazz at Lincoln Center presents,Who is Louis Armstrong?, the 2nd installment in it's Jazz for Young People Series on Saturday January 29, 2011 at the Rose Theater. Showtimes: 1pm and 3pm. Tickets: $12, $20 & $28. Click the link below for more details and to purchase tickets.

Stay tuned for Chocolate Chip's month long exploration of the Harlem Renaissance designed especially for kids young and not so young:)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Should You Tap Into Your Inner Chinese Mother?

I have been talking with moms about this article ALL day and couldn't wait to get to my laptop to share it with my Chocolate Chip family.

In this WSJ article, Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior, author Amy Chua introduces readers to her new parenting memoir, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, and gives a sneak peak into what it takes to raise successful Chinese children. 

Do you praise your children?  Are you concerned about their self-esteem and give them opportunities to share their opinions and make choices?  Do you allow them to watch tv, play video games and have playdates?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are clearly NOT a Chinese mother by Amy Chua's standard.    

Are you the disciplinarian?  Think you're hardcore in your parenting?  Hold onto your seats. You might cringe when you read how this Chinese mother handled piano practice at home with her 7 year old daughter. 

Want more info?  Check out the book review in Speakeasy produced by Chocolate Chip friend, Christopher John Farley.

Chime in by commenting in the box below.  Is Amy Chua on point?  Will you take a page out of her motherhood handbook?  Or does she go overboard?  We want to know what you think.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Self-Expansion and the "ME" Marriage

At Chocolate Chip we believe healthy marriages are the foundation of healthy families.  Consider us your resource for strengthening your marriage as you strengthen your family.

To that end, we are sharing, The Happy Marriage Is the ‘Me’ Marriage, by Tara Parker-Pope recently published by the New York Times.  The article examines the evolution of marriage from primarily an economic and social institution to contemporary unions where individual emotional and intellectual needs and the desire for spouses "who make their lives more interesting" is critical. 

So is self-expansion, "how individuals use a relationship to accumulate knowledge and experiences", the key to happy and sustainable relationships?  Click the link below to read the article, then post your comments below on the blog.