Friday, January 23, 2009

Black first family 'changes everything' - CNN

See link below for a CNN article on the impact of the Obama family in the White House. It illustrates the paradigm shift that Chocolate Chip fully supports in order to understand the diversity of Black families.

I find it ironic that this article comes from the same network that produced the Black in America series. Hopefully they'll get it right in Part II scheduled to air in July.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Does President Obama Mean to Black Men?

On Election Day I received an email from a dear friend entitled " wants to know....Mothers with Sons....What does this day mean to you?????". The email eloquently described the emotion, historic and transforming nature of the day. Another friend offered a thoughtful response, recounting her morning activities with her twin boys as they drove to school. She quizzed them "Who can be president one day if they wanted to?", they both yelled "me!". She thought to herself, "yes, they can". The foundation has been set.

After considering their responses, I commented on the enormity of the day and what it meant to me as a mother. But have you considered what it means to us as wives? Facetiously, I responded, "[then Democratic nominee Barack Obama] did make me look at my husband a bit differently too, but that's an email for another day" Well today is that day. So I pose the question: How does President Barack Obama change our expectations for the men in our lives?

It's been said America is enamored with its new President. He's a rock star. His strength, integrity, intellect, profundity, eloquence and charisma draw us in and make us want to be in his presence. His expressive love for First Lady Michelle and his daughters Malia and Sasha exemplify all that is beautiful and lovely about family.

Sounds perfect doesn't it? Are you guilty of sizing up your spouse with President Obama? Has he or should he become the yardstick we use to measure our brothers or better yet, the one they use to measure themselves? Have you caught yourself thinking or saying "President Obama wouldn't do that" in response to something they've done or failed to do? Are African-American men intimidated by the President? Or is he the role model many have been searching for so long?

I'd like to believe that a new standard for manhood has been set- that the bar has been raised. The old excuses aren't good enough anymore. We and they must accept nothing less than the greatness that's inside of them.

So scrubs (as defined by TLC) be on notice. There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Barack Obama!


What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to Chocolate Chip!

I LOVE our families! That's why Chocolate Chip was born. To connect, inspire and transform African American families.
Black families are PHENOMENAL! We know we are much more than the media reflects. From the Huxtables in 1984 to the Obamas, Americas First Family in 2009, the positive images of our families have been few and far between. Too often we are presented as dysfunctional, monolithic and the poster children of too many negative statistics. The truth is we are RESILIENT, POWERFUL, LOVING, NURTURING and PROUD. Most importantly we have THRIVED and PERSEVERED through the generations against all odds.
Chocolate Chip is here to celebrate and encourage....strengthen and challenge... enlighten and CHANGE.

Here's looking to raising our families together!!


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