Chocolate Chip is..

Chocolate Chip is a lifestyle brand where families come FIRST. Chocolate Chip CONNECTS, INSPIRES and TRANSFORMS African American families.

Today's modern families are BUSY and COMPLEX. Both parents and children are over booked with never ending things to do lists. Chocolate Chip is here to help you be an even BETTER parent by hosting special events and sharing information that is RELEVANT to your family and helps you get the most out of your limited time.

From education...
Public Schools Private Innovation

to the latest news....
Work That! Great News for Working Moms

and the Chocolate Chip Guides to great family events and activities....
5 Things to Do Before School Starts-The NYC Edition

We're here for YOU to make sure you're in the know, sharing great ideas and best practices to help you make the most of FAMILY TIME.

Chocolate Chip celebrates and encourages....strengthens and challenges... enlightens and informs.

Welcome to the Chocolate Chip Family!

Here's to raising our children together!!