Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Will Love You Everywhere Always

Over the last week, I have witnessed the passing of two mothers.  While the world mourned the loss of the iconic Whitney Houston, locally we paid tribute to my dear soror and fellow Jack and Jill mom, Janifer Lighten. 

While we grieve, I can't help but think about the children who must now go on without their beloved mother.  Those who love her agreed that Janifer was an inspiration and a role model of motherhood.  She loved her children fiercely and without apology.  Their bond so close.  In her passing, a huge void now remains.  The children will need a lot of support as they learn to cope with life without their mother's physical presence in it.
After paying tribute to Janifer and spending the day watching Whitney's home going service, I Will Love You Everywhere Always, was brought back to my remembrance.  I learned about this beautiful book several months ago while listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show.  Written for children who have suffered from the loss of a loved one, it speaks straight to the heart and helps with the healing and grieving processes.  It provides comfort as the narrator reminds the child that although the loved one may have transitioned, they are ever present and will be found everywhere in everyday life. 

Thank you Renee Alexander Craft for penning such a beautiful and thoughtful book for our children young and old.  Unfortunately someone we know will need this book.  May it bring them comfort and peace as they cherish the memory of their loved one.

Targeted release date for I Will Love You Everywhere Always is October 2012.  Check out the link below for an update from the author.  Like them on Facebook to receive periodic updates on the status of the book.

In loving memory of the incomparable Janifer Lynn Lighten.  Our heart felt condolences to her husband Bill and her children Adrienne, Alexis, Christopher and Michael.

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